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and i'm kristen sze. it is so foggy out there. >> let's check in with lisa argen in for mike this morning. hi. we have the fog not only in our north bay valleys which isrb usually erz spot also 101 corridor into the east bay i-80 and 880 light winds as well. we don't have the mixing, so it is going to be 11, 12:00 we'll see hazy sun and temperatures seasonal, starting out cool in the 40s. give your self extra time. fog is the key. golden gate bridge on the deck, when you come up the waldo you get into the clear and come on to the deck it is socked in. extra care, lots of time, don't forget to use low beams. elsewhere fog advisory for all bay area bridges not so bad on
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the san mateo bridge it is at the limit there fog on all the bridges, until lisa said approximately 11, 12:00 this morning. westbound 580 just the left lane roadwork until 5:00 this morning. be ready for an interesting commute in morning. amy hollyfield is watching drivers inch their way through the fog she is live at the bay bridge toll. what are you seeing? >> reporter: not much. the visibility is not very good. you can take a look behind me if you want to take a peek, it is so thick it is hard to see much of anything i would describe driving conditions as tense. we just shot this video headed eastbound on the bay bridge this is on the lower deck. we shot this safely i was drying while my photographer was in the passenger seat taking the pictures. i was 10 and 2 on the steering
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wheel diving slowly, scary driving conditions. there is a "sig alert" issued by the chp. i checked in moments ago, they say they are not getting many calls that are fog-related. it sounds like people are driving carefully and slowly, paying attention to what is happening. hopefully, that will continue through the morning commute. it is time to just slow down. monday morning, trying to get back in the grove of things, take a moment keep that holiday pace going, slow down give yourself extra time, it is really thick out here, nerve-racking as you drive across. be very careful, it is very thick. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police in east palo alto are investigating a shooting that left a man with multiple
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gunshots wounds sunday evening officers received an alert from their shot spotter device it indicated addison off highway 101 officers phone the 43-year-old victim sitting in a car, no word on his condition. -- 4:33. deadly series of car crashes over the holiday weekend from the bay area to the sierra, most devastating under investigation in the sierra now on highway 50. three members of an oakland family are dead. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: people living in the sierra town of mean another speculating a deer in the road caused the crash. others say speed. prius and minivan both carrying children slammed into one another the prius crossed over four lanes and hit the oncoming van, four people were killed, three victims from an
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oakland family. 38-year-old, 39-year-old, and an 8-year-old all died in the prius, a 10-year-old survived. in the minivan a 4-year-old girl die. people who live nearby say three times a year, a deadly crash happens on this stretch of highway 50, they say speed is the problem. >> they just need to slow it down. >> slow the speed limit down there was 55, in the last couple of years they raised it to 55. it is dangerous. >> reporter: five others were injured, we don't know their conditions. we did speak with family members who told us the funeral for the oakland victims will be held december 5th in san lorenzo, kira klapper, abc7 news. highway patrol says bay area fatalities are up from
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last thanksgiving weekend, seven people died on bay area roads compared to six last year. chp says this bmw was going too fast in fog yesterday morning when it rear ended a big rig. one person died at the scene, a second was airlifted to john muir medical center. highway patrol still trying to track down the driver who hit a pedestrian on northbound 101 near sfo saturday night a woman was walking on the freeway, several cars hit her. the first driver did not stop. the investigation kept the northbound lanes shutdown nearly three hours. bay area dui arrests up compared to a year ago. from midnight wednesday through midnight saturday, 159 people arrested, nine more than last year. final count through last night should be released later in the morning. black friday is over. it is time for cyber monday today is expected to be the
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biggest online shopping day of the year. online retailers have been holding this sale since 2005. all sorts of items many that include free shipping are being offered. sales expected to be 1 1/2 billion dollars, small fraction of the nearly 60 billion dollars spent in brick and mortar stores over the weekend, big enough draw for crooks too. >> guys are creating fake e-mailer websites and fake sites are designed to get you to enter your credit card information. often they -- they resolve around gift cards. >> to protect yourself experts say shop with retailers you know, make sure the site is secure and use a credit card instead of a debit card. katie marzullo will have more coming up. get more on today's online shopping resources on
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4:37. deadly shoplifting incident under investigation in atlanta, two wal-mart employees and a security guard confronted a man trying to leave without paying for merchandise. police say it appears the man was placed in a choke hold after stealing two dvd players. officers got the employees off the man and noticed he was unresponsive, bleeding from the nose and mouth he later died at the hospital. wal-mart is conducting a full review to figure out whether the employees were following company policy. >> tough stories this past weekend. hope you and your family had a nice one. >> it was filling. >> in more ways than one. >> yeah. >> let's look at the fog, the big issue >> dense fog. lisa, i ran into a wall from the caldecott tunnel to the city. . >> you have to reduce your speed for sure. is a lot like we had yesterday morning spread not only in the north bay around the bay from the peninsula to
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the east bay. advisory -- the fog will linger throughout 10, 11:00 hour, it is going to take until noon at times visibility less than a quarter of a mile. right now we are here at half moon bay half mile sfo, quarter mile, napa, novato, today a lot of folks stayed around and wanted to fly out monday thinking it might be better. well, with the fog you can expect delays at sfo probably as we get into the 6:00 hour. 50 fremont now, 45 in mountain view, good morning san francisco, 50 for you. a few 30s in our valleys, otherwise plenty of 40s, mid and upper 50s coast, more fog tonight, dry and seasonable for the first couple of days of the workweek. good morning. the fog is definitely a factor
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for your monday morning commute. i turned around trying to remember where i had the camera, because you can hardly see, it is the bay bridge toll, where amy hollyfield is. it is pea soup. minor traffic problem now, use your low beams when driving through and give yourself plenty of time. san jose clear, light traffic, barely able to tell highway 280 headed northbound, headlights one or two cars coming through, 17 overcrossing clear, virtually nobody on the road. looking at your traffic app, the waze app to get under the fog, a lot of our cameras are fogged in. 80 east and westbound, reporters saying foggy weather there, fog at the bay bridge. if you would like to navigate around the fog in your commute, you can do that by downloading this free on the app store. 4:40. next, new information about a carbon monoxide leak
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that sent residents in a san francisco home to the hospital. why the cause is still under investigation. possible fix to a growing problem in one part of the bay area. what one group is offering owners to get one breed of dog neutered. first, here's this morning's tech bites. call it cyber friday for the first time online retail sales on black friday topped a billion dollars, 26% increase from last year, expected another billion and half in sales today. pad was the device most used for shopping this weekend, and the most used tablet, ipad 2 one of the hostess item on ebay, -- hottest items on ebay, 250 an hour. big season for cyber criminals, many shoppers make it easy, using old versions of browsers which don't have latest security updates, more bogus
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links on facebook and twitter. google may not be the only tech company offering eyeglasses connected to the net, microsoft is working on a device that deliversd ñ
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good monday morning. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. take a look an 9 golden gate bridge you can see how foggy it is, -- visibility reduced to a quarter of a mile in spots it could get worse throughout the morning. less than quarter mile at our coast around the bay from the north bay into oakland by the delta, right now the east bay valleys are looking good,
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perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. good morning on this monday after thanksgiving weekend hope you had a goo one, thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm
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